Band Guys


Paul Lent has the extremely difficult job of voicing the Separate Ways machine, however, having been singing form a very young age both professionally and privately, it is easy to see that he is obviously the only choice for the job! With his multiple octave range, and years of experience, Paul makes you believe that you are listening to Journey  circa the early 80’s! Sporting the red tux jacket and white Nikes with the red swoosh, Paul is the frosting on the cake that brings the Journey experience full circle! Paul took home  the 2015 WAMI  award for Male Vocalist of the Year











Jeremy “The Hammer” VanLaanen has been the power plant behind some of the most successful WAMI award winning acts for the last 2 decades. Precision, Power, and Finesse, coupled with a lead singer baritone, make him a perfect fit as the “driver of the bus” for Separate Ways. ” I’ve been at this (music) a LONG time and it is certainly my pleasure and honor to be a part of SW, and pay homage to one of my favorite bands of all time, Journey! AND the crowds dig the hell out of it too!, and that’s as it should be!







For over 25 years, Greg performed jazz, classical, rock, pop, R&B, and electronic music professionally as a soloist and with many bands and ensembles. Greg has also composed and arranged music for film, stage and screen and has appeared on many recordings. Oh yea and we almost forgot, not only is he the newest member of the group, he has more talent in his little finger than the rest of us put together! and that’s no joke! Oh yeah, he also just reminded me that I left out the parts about him being an astronaut and how he used to beengaged to Heather Locklear (she STILL isn’t over it)…….